Spiritual Starvation

We all have an appetite. It’s measured by your growth. The more a person grows, the more their appetite increases. There are some that are hungry, but can’t seem to be satisfied. They’re offered a meal but not the full course. They’re expected to eat what’s before them, but still left spiritually starving. Their meal has vegetables but no meat. They are dying because their spirit is missing all the nutrients to sustain them. They turn to psychics only to receive a curse. They turn to drugs, alcohol, & other habits only to expect a temporary high. After everything is digested they’re still hungry lacking nourishment and still in search of that meal that will keep them full. Searching for that complete buffet full of “meat” that consists of love, deliverance, healing, salvation, joy, peace, and all God’s promises. The Bible states in Matthew 5:6 the ones that hunger and thirst for righteous will be filled. That hunger is referred to as the Word of God and the holy spirit. Only Jesus can fill that void. While on a search one can’t eat from everyone’s table! You’ll find yourself with spiritual poison. One must find a place where their spiritual needs are met. If you don’t find Jesus, your spirit will die of starvation and you will forever be in search. After you have grown, continue to eat some more. When you’re full, share with someone else, but whatever you do don’t die of spiritual starvation!

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